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This agreement is a Binding Agreement and is all inclusive, in its entirety, between Greek Challenge Coins LLC and the
purchasing customer (herein referred to as “GCC” and “you” respectively).  For the purposes of this order entered into
with GCC, this binding agreement replaces and supersedes any and all other communication.

By submitting design ideas, pictures, sketches, or instructions (written or verbal) to GCC you certify and warrant that you
have the legal right (or have obtained a legal and binding license agreement) to use, reproduce, or have reproduced, any
images, registered trademarks, copyrighted material, or registered trademark logos associated with your order. You also
certify that the production of the aforementioned items on your order does not violate any individual’s, entity’s, or
company’s intellectual property rights.  Your approval of the design of an item is agreement that (1) you are 100%
responsible for any legal issues that may ensue as a result of content used on your item, (2) you shall hold GCC
harmless and free from any liability or claims made by any individual, entity, or company, and (3) GCC will not be held
liable for any reason if content is used illegally.

In the unlikely event that a legal dispute arises, you agree that the exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any such legal
dispute shall be Oakland County, Michigan, USA. You further agree to pay any damages incurred by GCC, as well as
reasonable attorney’s fees and costs. If the dispute pertains to the illegal use of trademarks, copyrights, designs or
logos, you agree to defend the claim at your sole expense and hold GCC free and harmless of any and all liability at
your sole expense in any litigation, arbitration, hearing, or any other legal proceeding.

Digital Proof/Design Approval
Initial design concept(s) will be created and sent to you based on the pictures, sketches, or instructions you provide.  
Once a design concept is agreed upon, a digital proof of what your challenge coin will look like in its finished form will
be created.  This proof is a graphical representation created by the factory artist based on the aforementioned design
concept.  Once the digital proof is completed, it will be emailed to you for review and final approval.

It is your responsibility to review the digital proof for accuracy (spelling, grammar, capitalization, numbering, font, color,
size, texture, finish, etc.) and reply via email with any desired changes or corrections.  If no changes are necessary, an
“approval to proceed” email is required by you.  The “approval to proceed” freezes the design of your coin and signifies
your agreement to the Terms and Conditions herein.  No order will progress beyond the digital proof without written
“approval to proceed”.

Payment and Cancellation Fees
Stock orders:  payment is required in full prior to any product(s) being shipped.   

Custom orders:  payment is required in advance for all stock and custom orders, and may be divided into 2 payments:  
deposit and balance.  The deposit payment ($135.00) is required to create the digital proof, and is due upon completion of
initial design concept.  Upon receiving “approval to proceed” , you will be invoiced for the balance of your order.  If you
require a sample of your coin prior to mass production, an additional $25 (plus shipping) will be charged.

Once your balance payment is received, the die making process will begin.  If you cancel your order after the digital proof
has been started, you will be charged $135 cancellation fee.  If you cancel your order after approval of the digital
proof and production of the die(s) has commenced, you will be charged the full price of the dies.  If you cancel your
order after the dies are complete and production of the coins has started, you will be charged the entire invoiced amount
of your order.

Custom Order Changes and Cancellations
All sales are final on custom orders that have been shipped to you.  An approved order may be cancelled prior to
shipment to you, but are subject to cancellation fees listed above.

Order changes made after “approval to proceed” are subject to additional shipping, piece price, die fee, and artwork
charges and will be quoted based on the change requested.

GCC uses the PMS/Pantone color matching system to differentiate colors used on your challenge coin.  If you have not
indicated your color choice(s) using this system, GCC will assign them at our discretion.  The colors that will be used in
the production of your challenge coin are listed on your digital proof .  If you have not specifically called out
PMS/Pantone color numbers, it is your responsibility to verify that the colors listed on the digital proof are acceptable.  

Due to variation in computer monitors, GCC recommends that you confirm your color usage with a physical PMS/Pantone
color chart.  PMS/Pantone color charts are usually available at a local fabric, printing, art supply, FedEx, or UPS
store.  See for complete information regarding the PMS system.

Error Proofing
GCC is not responsible for error proofing your design or digital proof.  It is your responsibility to ensure that the digital
proof has correct spelling, grammar, capitalization, numbering, font, colors, size, texture, finish, etc. prior to giving
“approval to proceed” for die creation and coin production.

Your order will be sent to you via the United States Postal Service (USPS), and will utilize the most economical class of
mail service.  If your order needs to be expedited, you can request Priority or Express mail service for an additional charge.

Due to the use of third party shippers, delivery dates or times for custom products is not  guaranteed. GCC has no
control over third party shipping errors or delays. GCC is not responsible nor will be held liable for shipping delays
caused by International or United States Customs, holidays, weather conditions, natural disasters,
inaccurate/undeliverable address information, or backlogs created at overseas manufacturing sources due to increases
in workload. Therefore, GCC  does not, under any circumstances, guarantee delivery dates of any products.  No

Shipping insurance is available as an optional service on all orders, and is required at time of purchase to ensure free
replacement of items if your order is lost or damaged in transit.  If your shipment is lost or damaged and optional shipping
insurance is not purchased, GCC cannot replace/re-ship your order without charging you for the items again.  If your
order is lost or damaged in transit, a written and signed letter from you explaining the status of the package may be
required in order to receive replacements.  Failure to purchase shipping insurance at time of purchase is your
acknowledgement and acceptance of this policy.

Product Returns/Refunds/Exchanges
GCC does not allow returns, provide refunds, or allow exchanges on custom made items.  Your custom products were
designed and manufactured according to your individual specifications and cannot be restocked or sold to another
party.  GCC warrants our products to be free from defects however, and as described below in the “Disclaimer of
Warranty” section of this agreement, we will replace at no cost to you any products found to contain a factory
manufacturing defect.

Disclaimer of Warranty

GCC guarantees its custom made challenge coins to be free from manufacturing defects.  If you feel your order contains
such defects, you are required to send written notice of claims of defects via email or USPS Mail within 30 days of receipt
of your order.  Upon receipt of the suspect coins, GCC will examine them and in some cases, send them to our factory for
further review.  If it is determined that manufacturing defects are present, GCC will replace the coin(s) at no cost to you.  
GCC will not refund the price of any coins that contain defects.  A manufacturing defect is defined as frailty or
shortcoming in a product resulting from a departure from its intended design specifications during production.

All images, logos, designs, etc. featured and shown on this website are COPYRIGHTED © by Greek Challenge Coins LLC
0.  Duplication without authorization is strictly prohibited.
now is the tiem for all
now is the tiem for all